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Freelance – Creative Concept Designer


My work is ever introspective, unexpected & emotionally charged.

I have extensive experience in production management within fashion, publishing, and IT industries.

I am giving consultancy to the Fashion ShenZhen Show (China) as a Fashion Talent Scout.

Shining values & identity in an exclusive visual language is my vocation.

On-set Art Direction

Solid history of success in leading on-set art direction of photo and video shoots and ensuring compliance with productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.

Post Production

Demonstrated expertise in managing the retouching process, developing layouts, and preparing creative toolkit to execute campaign development post-production.

Strong sense of Photography

In-depth knowledge and understanding of the fashion world with a strong sense of photography, video, type, and advertising layout design.


Skilled at managing photo and video production facility, which contained external and internal corporate communications, consumer marketing, corporate communications and customer service.


Elegant Kids

Fashion Shenzhen Show & FASHION Shenzhen SOURCE 

Fashion Consultant & Talent Scout

I develop and secure new projects, increasing business growth in the Chinese and Asian market for potential Italian and international fashion clients. I personally select and meet with Italian and international brands that can match the Asian market on their behalf during my participation in the major fashion tradeshow in Italy.


I have established international relations for the promotion of the Chinese and Asian trade market, mediating and establishing a dialogue towards openness and opportunity, overcoming fears and prejudices, becoming a national and European reference point. I have promoted Made in Italy and the best Italian brands in the Asian market.

Rome based, I work also in Milan, London, Hong Kong & Shenzhen always looking for the next great client and project. If you’d like working with me, please get in touch! +39 3479472752